Monday, January 31, 2011

The England-UK-Great Britain Conundrum Explained

A subject which has piqued me, and numerous others, is the confusion between England, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Ireland, Commonwealth and the associated labyrinths of geo-socio-political phrases. Can you refer you to a person from London as British? Or a Scotsman as a citizen of the United Kingdom? Or why for that matter is the difference in the 'classes' of countries that participate in the Commonwealth Games? Who are the British Overseas Territories and what constitutes the Crown Dependencies?

That's when I came across this video that not only answered all of my queries but also put in some questions in my mind and answered them as well! It's a sincere advice to all of you to take out 5:15 minutes and go through this video, you will not regret it.

P.S: In case you prefer text over video (though I still suggest go for the latter) you can read the entire script here.
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