Saturday, November 07, 2009

Videos From Singapore & Indonesia

Earlier this week I was in Bintan Islands, Indonesia to attend a conference and I also spent a few days before that in Singapore. Will be writing about the trip in a later post, as of now wanted to share some of the video captures from the trip. Hope you enjoy.

The first video is from the Underwater World in Sentosa in Singapore. Given the basic video features of my camera the feel is not completely captured, but it is a very interesting feeling indeed to see all the aquatic creatures swim by you and over you! I thought the best part was when one of the caretakers went inside in a diver's costume to feed the animals (video not available), was quite surreal!

The next one is from the Dolphin Show, again in Sentosa, where the highly trained dolphins performed a variety of tricks, I could capture this belly dance and is quite amusing! Have got the rest of the antics as still shots.

The food in Singapore's food courts is mind boggling to put it mildly! I was so fascinated by the spread and variety that I recorded this video in the middle of a crowded food court called The Asian Food Mall in Orchard Road.

Moving over to the Indonesian part of the trip, the next short video shows the welcome dance we received at the Bintan Lagoon Resort, Indonesia.

We had a packed schedule during the days and amazing entertainment in the evenings. This anchor, Rafique, was a pro at involving the audience (Googlers from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, India, Ireland & US) and making the night memorable. This video shows a couple of Googlers, Mike from Ireland (now in China) and Patrice (from Australia) given some Indian dresses and asked to dance (impromptu) to an Indian song. And Varun is asked to be a tree!

Another of Rafique's games was asking 4 people to come up on stage and perform a rock show. They were given props like a broom, mops and dusters and they had to improvise to a song being played in the background! The effect was quite hilarious!

Finally, the last video shows the food from the pirate party themed dinner. The food again was from most of the countries from where the participants of the conference had come from and was delicious!

Presently I am sifting through the 300 odd pictures that I took during the trip, and once the selection is made will upload and share them with you!