Monday, January 05, 2009

It Feels Like...

This is a personal post, for all my friends, who have been asking me how does it feel a few days before the wedding.

Feels like when you almost reach the head of a queue you have been waiting in for a long time. Feels like when you have just the last few pieces of a figured-out jigsaw puzzle to put in place. Feels like the penultimate simplification step of a long maths problem. Feels like when the censor board film roll is shown just before the start of an anticipated movie. Feels like when your team needs four runs to win, six wickets in hand and eight overs to go. Feels like five minutes before the bell rings for the last period of the day. Feels like the time between you hear your mom take the food off the stove and bring it on the table when you are hungry. Feels like the time when your principal calls you up on stage for coming first in class seven, and you walk down the assembly grounds. Feels like when you are waiting for your dad to pick you up from tuitions on a winter evening after everyone has left and you finally see his headlights.

It feels like just the right mix of correctness, perfectness and how it should be-ness. It feels good. It feels lucky. Touch wood.