Friday, June 21, 2013

Choke De Africa

Was reading yet another article about South Africa and the choker tag in multi-team tournament knock out games and did some quick and dirty research to confirm whether they really deserve the tag or have we been harsh on them for years. Didn't realize it was actually this bad! [All pictures courtesy ESPNCricinfo]
March 22, 1992. World Cup Semi-Final against England. Where it all started. OK, this was bad luck.

November 24, 1993 - Hero Cup Semi-Final against India. Magic of Sachin, the bowler.
March 11, 1996. World Cup Semi-Final against West Indies. Brian Lara's sublime century.
June 17, 1999. World Cup Semi-Final against Australia. That tie. That heartbreak.
October 13, 2000. ICC Knockout (Champions Trophy) Semi Final against India. Dada the giant Killer!
September 22, 2002. ICC Champions Trophy Semi-Final against India. When a 116 & 97 weren't enough against 261.
March 3, 2003. World Cup final league match. Versus Sri Lanka, Rains & Duckworth Lewis. Tie not good enough.
November 2, 2006. Champions Trophy Semi-Final against West Indies. Hit by Gayle Storn.

April 25, 2007. World Cup Semi-Final against Australia. No match for Mighty Aussies Class of '07.
March 25, 2011. World Cup Quarter Final against New Zealand. Insurmountable 221.
June 19, 2013. ICC Champions Trophy Semi Final against England. Too cold, perhaps?