Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

The news of the death of the ex-son-in-law of the King of Rock & Roll has also brought with it a stream of emotional, witty and colourful status messages in Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Putting down some of them here.

Sravani Saha - "Plastic Surgeons have lost an ATM"

Naveen Venkataraman - "
There were only 2 Kings ever in show-business. And now they have both left the building."

Naveen Giles - "MJ Moonwalks into history, fans all over the world mourn him, everyone's listening to his songs one last time........and quizzers are getting ready scrambling for Micheal Jackson trivia ;-) !"

Sumant - "Celebrity Deathmatch in Hell: Michael Jackson v. Elvis Presley, to find out who the real King is. Once and for all."

Sanjay Gianchandani - "may his soul Moonwalk in peace..."

Nikhil Narayanan - "No *kid* ding, he is *History!"

Greatbong - "Someone says on NY Times "For my generation, the greatest moonwalk has nothing to do with NASA". How true."

Parry - "remembering all the endless hours spent watching the MJ videos on the VCR and practicing the moonwalk"

Rashmi Bansal - "The Michael Jackson we loved died many years ago... What went yesterday was just a pale shadow. May his soul rest in peace!"

Tarun Madan - "
Twitter down over too many MJ tweets !"

Personally I have never been much into western music, even less so MJs. But back in 1995 a Bengali children's magazine, Anandamela, carried a full feature on him and I remember being in awe of the legend and his story for quite some time after reading it, especially the bit about the video games in his Neverland Ranch. The other snippets of memory I have about him is the media circus that took place when he was in India in 1996 and many of our Bollywood stars, starlets and others alike prostrated themselves before him! And how everyone thought that s/he was the first one to think of the 'Mai Ka Lal Jai Kishan' translated version of his name! And of course that famous TOI picture during the 2007 world cup comparing SRK's looks with that of Michael!

All said and done he was a global icon, and shall be missed. God bless his soul.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

For Want Of A Shoe...

...the horse was lost..

Today it gave an opportunity to plenty of onlookers of all shapes and age to have a good laugh! And yes, the lady at the top with the shoes in her hand, walking across the "1 KM of shopping" Ambience Mall is none other than my wife:)

The moment we left the house the shoe showed signs of it's impending demise. But my wife wanted to give it one last breath of the fresh mall air, it's birthplace, perhaps.

Having come out of Intensive Cobbler Unit care, and having paid the hefty sum of two INR for the consultation fees recently, it was not a question of if, but when. And it was no more than a couple of minutes after entering the smooth and glittery confines of the mall that it kicked the bucket.

By the way, some of the weird looks were also reserved for me when I clicked this carrying-shoes-in-hand girl!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Sides Of Two New Coins

I remember I was thrilled and fascinated when the then-new 5 rupee coin was launched some 15 years back. I got my first one as return change from an egg seller, and didn't return that to my mother along with the eggs!

Yesterday was another such day when I got not one, but two brand new coins (at least for me!). A seen-for-the-first-time 10 Rupee coin, which looks suspiciously close to the Euro, and a thinner, smaller and golden 5 Rupee coin.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me proudly present the new coins to you, both sides of the same.

P.S: 5 Rupee coin courtesy a meat shop in Gurgaon, and the 10 rupee coin was provided by my sister in law.