Thursday, October 28, 2010

God Bless You

Thank you.

For being an elder brother and a friend to an apprehensive eighteen year old on his first day in the college hostel.

For switching off the fan that we shared between rooms 265 and 266 when I was down with cold.

For defending the greatness of SRK against a mob of his detractors.

For yapping from the other side of the wall during my chatty moods in the middle of the nights.

For organizing the little gathering on my first birthday away from home.

For the early morning calls for breakfast while I slept through my classes.

For being who you were.

I wish I said all of this yesterday, or last week, month or year. Maybe it wouldn't have changed anything. Maybe you would have realized how much you were really worth. I don't know what made you take the extreme step, but if there's Internet access on the other side and if you're reading this then please know you were often discussed in our Hostel conversations, even after you distanced yourself. Not the best time to judge you, but do remember you were very precious to a lot of people, and in spite of being a sharp and intelligent man this was not the smartest decision you took. Who will take care of the utensil shop in North Bengal now?

Anyway, next time we meet remind me to do one of my SRK acts, it's long overdue.

God bless you.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mobile Blogging Test

Just wanted to check out this mobile blogging application for Android so please treat this as a test post.

Not sure if I'll be using this much as I haven't figured out a reason to do so. If it's some urgent news I want to publicly share I'll use Twitter or Facebook, if it's a funny incident that just happened I will jot down the notes in an email and write down a detailed post, with formatting etc. at leisure from my laptop later. The only one-off instance that comes to my mind where this could be utilized is if a big news is breaking somewhere, say the Ayodhya verdict, and I have lot of opinions that I want to share while the topic is hot and don't have access to a desktop/laptop with internet, I may resort to this.

On the whole not yet completely convinced. Will remain agnostic to mobile blogging for the time being.