Monday, September 20, 2010

Volkswagen Ad - Talks For Itself

If your social media is abuzz with one topic of discussion early in the morning, it's most probably a breaking news such as the death of a celebrity, Pakistan accused of not fixing a match or someone finding a stretch of road in Gurgaon without any potholes. However this morning has been different. My timeline is clogged with awe and aww about an automobile ad. Having been in the advertising business for over 5 years now I can assure you that's a first. So, take a bow Volkswagen India. And here's why.

In case the video doesn't play for you here's the 'guide book'.

When you open the Newspaper supplement, Volkswagen has brought out a full page (last page) ad. And the 'innovation' is that it's like one of those talking cards. As soon as you open it the ad starts playing itself, a voice over. This goes on in an endless loop till you close the paper. Every paper has a small speaker attached to it. See picture attached below.

And to add the 'social media' angle to the story, here's a screenshot of Google search results for 'Volkswagen ad':) [Tip: Pavan Varma]

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