Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blogger's Block!

When you are between the horns of a dilemma the best thing to do is catch the bull by the horn! Two idioms in one sentence. Ah seems like a fresh start has been made made, a new dawn has broken. This blog gets to see the light of another day.

YES!! I had a very unpleasant feeling that just like my previous disastrous attempt at blogging, this too would die in childbirth. Encountering the blogger's block was not easy. There were so many ready excuses not to blog: life's getting drab, why waste time writing when nobody's going to read, next week and promise I will. The last paragraph means that I have managed to get myself out of the block.

Just to emphasize how much will power it required to get back to writing let me take you through a day this week, doesn't matter which one because all of them were just the same!

8:15, time for new age driver equipped with the once-upon-a-time-gizmo, cellphone, to inform me about his arrival with the help of the cheapest method of communication invented so far, missed calls. My cell phone alarm must have obediently gone off at 7:40, but its 8:05 and i am still warm under my blanket. . My flatmate's genuine peals of laughter wafts in to my bedroom. How can someone actually find "Whose Line Is It Anyway" so funny at 8 in the morning??

Morning ablutions over, time to beep the other three cab-mates to be ready. Which basically is a plea "can I spend 15 minutes instead of the usual 30, waiting for you below your apartment?" So far the success rate of this plea has been inversely proportional to how good the three women look in the morning!

Cursing the Hyderabad traffic and wrapping a whole lot of nonsense under the garb of small talk we reach office. The security measures at the gate giving us an inflated feeling of self-importance. After a few "Good mornings" and "Hey there! How are you doing" I reach my seat, turn on the comp, and head for breakfast. Lots of happy and energetic faces in the cafeteria, and the spirit gets a face lift.

Put on the headphones, check all the mails, get down to work. Some interesting moments during the course of the day's work, the others not so interesting. This is generally the most productive time of the day and once the initial momentum starts diminishing, time for some research. The status messages of my colleagues in the internal messaging service is a treasure trove of humor and wit and so what if most of them are taken straight off web sites, they still help in bringing that smile on the face.

A little more work, a little more music and some chatting and Lunch time! This is a time which is to be relished if you are a food lover, but if you are like the 40 something Kg friend of mine who thinks she has a few extra kilos to lose, then you have to fight that war against temptation and finally convince yourself that the cucumber slices are much more delicious than the chicken drumsticks dripping with butter!

Post-lunch siestas have to be given a miss, but the urge doesn't stop rearing its ugly head every now and then. Its a signal that the break-out beckons. Stretching out on the bean bags you have to keep in mind not to fall totally asleep, after all its an office. So a little banter later time to get back to the desk and work. In case it was not made clear then obviously before coming back from the break-out area, food is restocked. After all an empty stomach is the devil
's workshop!

6:30 and that's the end of work as such. But lazying around the office, chit chatting with friends (definitely closer to friends than colleagues), browsing the net and a little bit of blogging. Now what? Get down to the parking lot, get into the cab and Mission home. Roomie is the type who thinks 12 o'clock is midnight and so interaction with him, very interesting though, is limited till the clock strikes 10. Some reading after that, recent consumptions have been Dan Brown's Angel's and Demons and Da Vinci Code and The E-bay store is work in progress, and then time to hit the sack and wait for the cab driver's missed calls!

Reminds me so much of a friend, her favourite line in chat conversations "Get a life!!!"


Autumn Leaf said...

Your line "...doesn't matter...all of them were just the same" is a v. thought provoking line. It is the drudgery that keeps us going. Try a different routine and you'll hurry back to this one. Answer your friend next time that you do have a life, alive and kicking! Now just keep your blog rolling!

maxdavinci said...

u write well but then u hardly write!

hope to see u longer this time though

PNA said...

my my !!!!.........u can actually have some consolation as u have a lot of company .....

Sasidhar said...

dude...well written. the thing i like about life is.....'it goes on' .........and on and on.....:)

u should make it a habit to write...atleast twice a week !

Admin said...

Nice insight

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Autumn Leaf - Back, with a different routine this time.

@Maxdavinci - Thanks for the compliment and the reality check.

@ash, Lucky Hawk - :)

@sasidhar - Trying to get into that habit, finally!