Sunday, February 19, 2006

Basically Nothing

DISCLAIMER: This post is/will be of no value, interest or use to anyone living or dead. Any resemblance of this post to anyone's life is purely logical and understandable.

The fact that you are still reading this post signifies that we are connected by one common chord, boredom or joblessness. The following persons and events are to be blamed for this post seeing the light of day (rather tube light in a cyber cafe) :

1. My room mate's sudden dinner plans with another friend, leaving me alone in the process.

2. The television showing the most inane and imbecile commercials, music videos and programmes.

3. Hanif Kureshi. His book Intimacy was a good read for a few pages, but then I realised that I was not in the mood for such depressing tales.

4. My addiction for which I am not undergoing any rehab. Net addiction that is.

So now that you know there will be nothing of substance in the next few lines, maybe even paragraphs I thank you for reading so far, wish you a better time visiting other's homes or blogs, whichever you prefer and finally apologise for wasting some of your valuable time.

Tra la la la la la......Tra la la la la

Okay so you just won't go? For some unknown reason you think the productivity/quality of my jobless time is better than yours. I am assuming you have plotted the various factors on all sorts of economics graphs and then come to this conclusion. I remember Ricardo's theory of international trade for oen. Most probably it was about comparative analysis. And if I am not wrong, then the fact that you are still here means that you think exchanging some of your productive time for a lot of my time otherwise is worth it. Well, that alone will keep me in high spirits for the next one week to come.

Okay so let me tell you about this cyber cafe. Actually visiting one after ages. I have been to cyber cafes in quite a few cities of India by now and this one seems to be no different. The stuffy garage turned into a 'cafe' with pigeon hole cubicles having some ancient computers. The noticable changes from my lats tryst with these places will be the broadband connection, which is actually fast and the little webcam sitting atop my monitor. There are school children loitering around while their elder brothers are surfing the net for results of exams which will be out only next week. There is the omnipresent avuncular gentleman engrossed in a chat with the 'tech-wiz' cyber owner. Their story is about how wonderful a life uncle's daughter is leading in some nondescript US city/town and the cyber owner is trying his level best to help uncle send and receive mails to and from his daughter.

Most of the letters on my keyboard are illegible due to wear and tear and maybe some slimy hands, wet with sweat and grime and god knows what. There are a couple of fans running at the optimum electricity saving speed and the tube light is flickering every now and then, only to get back to life after a little caress by the cyber owner.

Anyway time for me to grab a quick dinner. Thanks for dropping by. Please make yourself comfortbale here, I will be back tomorrow morning, from my comfortable office machine.

Kitna hua bhaiaya?? Tees rupae? Kya bol rahe ho?.........


maxdavinci said...


u seem to have the uncanny knack of makin absolutely bland topics into blogable matter n yet u write so un-frequently!

agar aap jaise log likhne lage to 'akhon ki khorbey dada?'

Suhel Banerjee said...

@maxdavinci - Finally taking your much frequently provided advice of blogging more often. I definitely owed this to you!

@keeps changing - Since I still haven't finished the book please don't share the ending:)