Monday, May 21, 2007

A Home Amidst The Greens


What Is It?

An eighteen hundred square feet, three bed/bath room, hall, kitchen, two balconies and private terrace flat.

Where Is It?

J 91, Mayfield Gardens, Sector 51. Close to: Sohna Road, South City, Nirvana County etc.

Why Should You Take It Up?

For the almost non-existent Gurgaon-Greenery, if nothing else. And also because you can see peacocks grazing in lush green fields next to your complex while you enjoy your morning cuppa in one of the long balconies with a cool breeze blowing all around you. You can play 3 a side football/soccer in the hall, and maybe ping pong ball cricket in all of the three bedrooms. And then you have the vast terrace all to yourself and your friends for the moonlight get togethers. And what's more, even playing music at otherwise 'neighbour unfriendly' levels is fine. Ok, you can't quote me there though:)

No water problem at all, electricity is much less of a nuisance than the rest of the city and an overall peaceful secure environment.

What You Should Be Told About?

If you do not have some personal means of transport, then keep in mind that the closest grocery store is 2 kms away and everything else at least 8. Though one must add there is a mall coming up in the vicinity, probably another year to it. Because of the mostly empty expanses all around, dust is a problem during dust storms. And it is on the top floor of a three storey house, so tends to get a little warm.

Another major problem is the absence of a good broadband provider.


No brokerage involved as the owner is himself letting the place out. A very friendly and warm owner at that:) The house comes ready with three huge cupboards and an inverter, so the few instances of power cuts not really an issue. And the best part is, the rent.

And below please find attached some pictures of the house. If interested please feel free to contact me.

The One At The Top. Right Of The Picture.

A Semi-Furnished Bachelor's Hall

The Neighbourhood Peacocks


Sri said...

Suhel's version of a classified(s) ad :)


Suhel Banerjee said...

@Sri - Better than the conventional version, no?:)