Monday, September 08, 2008

A Nudge, A Push, A Little More...And A Comeback...I Wish!

If the great bong, the cricketer not the blogger, could make the historic comeback a couple of years back then why can't this lesser bong?

With Dada and Greatbong ( for inspiration I decided to resume this blog. Resume is not quite the word because this was not really ever an active blog in the true sense of the word, besides that one crazy night of some one and a half dozen of essay uploads. I want to write, to blog. I have always fancied myself to be a writer, actually more of the blogger variety, but after repeated tries I just had to give up.

Don't quite know the reason but as soon as I start writing for my blogs I contract the worst form of writer's block. I don't get ideas, words, sentence structures, one-liners, incidents to share, nothing at all. Take this post as an example, if I could compare it to a 'real life' example what I am doing right now is like going to a boring party and making it more so by just shaking hands belonging to half known acquaintances and putting up a tired smile and saying I am good and asking what's their news. See, even the comparison was more drab than one can come up in the middle of their sleep.

I don't know why this happens with me when I blog, but I have decided to take the crude way of overcoming it, by blogging more. Everyday. More than once a day. Every now and then. About anything, everything. Okay, all this enthusiasm will die by tomorrow morning but I hereby promise to myself and the readers who don't exist, never existed, never will, that I am back! Ha!

And believe me I can't even try to write in such a boring fashion, so please don't think I am trying to be funny and failing. I am really suffering from writer's block ( I won't call it blogger's block as that is cliched, and I know I just did, because this is the most average cliche ridden article) and I will get over my malaise. If Lance and a few others could get over more serious ailments I too will tackle this.

And really the reason you are not smiling while reading this is not because you are missing any subtle humour, this is actually a bad, voluminous, meaningless, un-funny post! I would hate to read this as a reader as much as I am loathing to write it. But I have been told time and ...yes, I will use the cliche, again(!) that the only way out of a writer's block (can you believe it, I used that overused phrase 5 times or more in one post?) is by writing more and more.

Okay, if ever there was a forced post lacking any depth and content then you have just finished reading it. Be happy. Go, waste more time. Bye.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back my friend.

Suhel Banerjee said...

@sasidhar - Thanks for the warm welcome Sasi:)