Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Can't I Blog

Every time I sit down with a rigid determination to blog, I start losing thoughts. The same thoughts which prompts me to come to this place to post, start thinning out and becoming invisible, much like the Cheshire cat. A sentence here, an image there, maybe one witty line somewhere, that's it. All of a sudden I don't have anything to say, share or write. I am thoughtless, idea less and opinion less. And it's not a writer's/blogger's block as now it has been happening for three years. And it is not that I cannot/do not write. I write copious amounts and am unwell-known for my verbosity. I write emails which are so long that people leave them unread. I participate in all email threads regarding lost water bottles in some other office or the effects Tata Nano has had on Real Estate advertising. I write down my candid feedback on the always neglected feedback forms in restaurant and flights. I type out my feelings in surveys, passed on by my MBA-learning friends, which talk about what are the changes I want to see in the ladies' wrist watch segment. I also write 300 letter text messages and thus send two texts when one can do.

I have tried to force myself to write over the past few posts, but it's too laborious a process with no satisfaction, and the labour shows in the writing.

I think, just a hunch, this is because, on the blog I don't write for myself. I always, always end up thinking about who will read? What will they think? How many visitors will I see in my Analytics report? Where do they come from? What do they want to read about? And those usual questions bothering a lot of bloggers.

I will try and get over it. And the first step will be by publishing this post:) I would have never put this up earlier. And in case you are reading this I think I have overcome the first hurdle. Hope to finally find the joy of blogging:)


Unknown said...

True... I long ago decided that if I blog for an audience, its impossible to write...

Stop caring! (your misc emails are amusing enough to make me think you like writing!)

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Afrin - Perhaps the late-est follow up comment ever, but thanks a lot for the encouraging words:)