Sunday, November 02, 2008

'Smash' Hit!

Looks like all that hoopla over the riches and spoils of the IPL was misplaced afterall. From what we could glean from the various media reports it seemed like these young players could rest on their laurels for the next five years at least and had the markets not crashed then some sane advice and smart investing could have provided them a life with no work and enough income forever.

But either the media, as always, exagerrated or greed is not only unlimited but illogical and violent as well. Or else, how do you justify a player of the IPL winning Jaipur team beating up a truck driver and running away with the truck and fifteen thousand rupees? Yes, a mere fifteen thousand rupees!

Okay, there is one last piece of the jigsaw which can put things to perspective. The cricketer's father is a personal assistant to a state cabinet minister. And now that we have a cocktail of politics, cricket and alcohol I guess things are all fine, we don't need to get worked up.

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