Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diwalinks & Dummies Guide To Twitter - Please RT

I am a trivia scavenger. Any information, remotely newsy, funny, informative or plain absurd fascinates me no end. Like others of my ilk, and there are many in case you didn't know, I not only collect random facts through 'links' but also cherish them and share my joy by spreading them far and wide hoping other trivia freaks will catch hold of them and keep them alive. The internet, through it's 'links' have helped us more than diaries, quiz books, newspaper cuttings etc combined.

This Diwali I wanted to share a bunch of these links that I collected but couldn't share through Twitter/Facebook etc for some reason or the other.

If you are not accustomed to the world of Twitter, then here's a dummies guide:

a) every 140 character message you update if called a tweet.

b) you can 'follow' people you find interesting and similarly those who find your updates interesting will follow you (I am available at @suhel by the way)

c) yes, everyone has an ID and is generally known as @ID

d) refer to point a, whoever you are and however big 'connections' you may have, you have to get every message within 140 characters. Yes, that's 20 shorter than a normal SMS.

e) If you like someone's tweet and want to share that, you usually Retweet (RT) him/her. E.g If I tweet 'India won the world cup' and you heard the news first from me, and want to let everyone know and also acknowledge the fact that you heard it from me you will tweet ' RT @suhel India won the world cup' This is useful information because I have received every link published below from Twitter users I follow, and have duly RT ed them.

f) The rest of the rules are pretty fluid, and unless you are @shashitharoor you can also use phrases like 'holy cow' and 'cattle class' :)

Here are some links I wanted to share.

Happy Diwali!

RT @abhility For all those who call Kolkata home or love it anyway - a good piece in the Business Standard today -

RT GautamGhosh Are You Practicing Proper Social Networking Etiquette? -

RT madmanweb Where would be we without the Internet to show us stuff like this: Oprah pees for 10 min -

RT avinashkaushik Meet the "most persecuted person in the entire history of the world": Good lord!

RT ankurb Can't decide what's the best time to run off to pee when watching a movie? Help is at hand. (Seriously though, WTF?!)

RT amitvarma I saw the headline on the homepage and thought Brian Lara was a modern-day Cleopatra:

RT avinashkaushik [I dare you not to enjoy this...] The Marshmallow Test:

RT nixxin RT @priyankarocks Ballmer Confiscates iPhone at Microsoft Annual Meeting

RT marissamayer RT @TechCrunch - Kanye West Disrespects Our Website by @parislemon

RT bhatnaturally Tracy Awards - cream of crap advertising

RT madmanweb Viewer Friendly Interface - computers as shown in TV and movies:

RT anirbandas RT: @dushver: Amazing: 23 Breathtaking Moments And Ideas Captured By Photographers :

RT avinashkaushik [Absolutely Brilliant] People, their hang-ups & other ppl. Video, 8 mins (2yrs of work). Red Rabbit:

RT cdeepak RT @d33pak: RT @leztah The MJ pepsi commercial from the 1980's. The ad that started the pepsi young generation thingy.

RT nairr A complete Michael Jackson profile (A quizzer's delight):

RT avinashkaushik The, boldly named, Complete Google Analytics Power User Guide: Download it, finally use GA! :)

RT nikhilnarayanan Airbus & Boeing : a 40 year rivalry via Business week #boeing #airbus

RT ankurb Evolution of a photographer. Nice illustration of what happens as you get sucked deeper into photography.

RT Asfaq Integrate Google Latitude with Your Google Profile

RT rameshsrivats Modi-...heartwarming to see players from different IPL teams ... come together to play for their countries. Check

RT greatbong The great "bad man" Ranjeet captured in a very candid moment. Not safe for work. Not safe for your health.

RT nikhilnarayanan I still don't believe. RT @Naina Optical Illusion : The best I've ever seen! via @jnack

RT bhatnaturally Handy list of marketing & advertising books

RT shashark How to Manage Your Online Life When You're Dead

RT avinashkaushik [Priceless!!] Emails From Crazy People                   

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