Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review Of The Gamechangers By The Fake IPL Player And Glossary Of Nicknames Used

I  received an unsigned copy of the 'The Gamechangers' by 'The Fake IPL Player', the P in IPL has been replaced with a 'knight' from chess, and is referred to as IBL (Indian Bollywood League). It is not really a book that needs to be reviewed as such, if you want to know what's it's about just go read the archives of his blog, it's nothing but an extension. Or else you can read the extract from the back cover of the same (scanned copy produced below) and that pretty much sums up what you can expect from the book. To summarise I think it was a concept waiting to be milked and could have become a treasure trove of cricket & Bollywood based jokes and puns and situations, the opportunity was squandered. Some of the last few chapters were interesting, though way too much idol worship of himself and his blog let the FIP heavily down.

So instead of reviewing the book what I decided to do is create this glossary of nicknames used by the FIP (Fake IPL Player) to refer to several cricketers, actors, actresses and other celebrities from real life. I am leaving those nicknames blank with a '?' which I couldn't decipher, if you have managed to do so, please let me know.

Day Minus One - Let The Games Begin

Indian Bollywood League - Indian Premier League

Phoren Babas - John Buchanan & Brendon McCullum

Bhookha Naan - John Buchanan

Boy George - Joy Bhattacharya

Lord Almighty, Lordie - Saurav Ganguly

Hawaii Chappal - Greg Chappel

Vinnie Dildo, Megalomaniac - Shah Rukh Khan

Day Zero - A Night In Mumbai

Lalu Parekh - Lalit Modi

Sigwald Raees Kahn - Shah Rukh Khan

Calcutta Cavalry - Kolkata Knight Riders

Clive Richards - Chris Gayle

Abhimanyu Singh - Yuvraj Singh

Haryana Hurricanes - Kings XI Punjab

Rocky, Rakesh Sharma - Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Gautam Sarkar - Saurav Ganguly

Jeff Buccaneer - John Buchanan

Sanjoy Roy Choudhury - Joy Bhattacharya

Brian Macmillan - Brendon McCullum

Greg Chappel - Greg Chappell (Wonder why he bothered to come up with a pseudonym earlier!)

Night Zero/Day One - London, Here we Come

Bangalore Bangers - Bangalore Royal Challengers

Rocky - Rahul Dravid

Raj Singhania - Vijay Mallya

Hindu Times Leadership Summit - Hindustan Times Leadership Summit

Prasanth - Sreesanth


Day One - It Doesn't Look Good

No new characters introduced

Day One Evening - A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Tim Robinson - Kevin Peterson

God - Sachin Tendulkar

Days Two & Three - The Lull Before The Storm

Messi Gilder - Jesse Ryder

Day Four - The Rat's First Strike

Ajay Ahuja - Ajit Agarkar

RBD - Ranadeb Bose

Sheikh of Tweak - Shane Warne

Rajputs - Rajasthan Royals

Bevda - Jesse Ryder

Shyam Bazar Patrika - Ananda Bazar Patrika

Abhay Chaturvedi - Aakash Chopra

Calypso King - Chris Gayle

Day Five - Attack Of The Unknown

George Best - Dwayne Bravo

CNA - DNA (Newspaper)

Crichome - Cricinfo

Fake IBL Player - Fake IPL Player

Day Five : Evening - There's More To It Than...

Shaun Vaughney - Shane Warne

Day Six: The Legend Of Appam Chutiya 

Kishen Kanhaiya - Ravi Shastri

Prince Of Patiala - Yuvraj Singh

Appam Chutiya - Sreesanth

Day Seven - PMS

Lalchand Bhai - Lalit Modi

Day Eight - Secrets They Share

Nicole Smith - Jessica Taylor

The Truth Of India - The Times Of India

Hindu Times - The Hindu

Feeling Blue - Beyond The Blues (Akash Chopra's book)

Day Eight - PMS Joins The Cavalry

Maddi - Murali Karthik

Sandy Baddy - Mandira Bedi

Kameez Pajama - Rameez Raja

Day Nine: Morning - Check. Mate.

Asankha Hathurusingha - Asankha Gurusinghe

Day Nine: Evening - Champagne & Conspiracies

Sushant - Ishant Sharma

Frank Stein - Dale Styen

Day Ten - Lordie Fires...Well, Almost

Rajput Rifles - Rajasthan Royals

Day Eleven - Highs & Lows

No new characters introduced

Day Twelve - Cracking The Whip

Daily Views - Daily News (Sri Lanka's leading newspaper)

Little John - Ishant Sharma

Robin Ka Beta - Robin Uthappa Kevin Peterson (thanks Yashbapu)

Sanjeev Nagar - Sanjay Bangar

GB - GreatBong (?)

Day Thirteen - Missing Pieces

No new characters introduced

Day Fourteen - Heroes & Villains

No new characters introduced

Day Fifteen - What Goes Around...

Bombay Bombers - Mumbai Indians

Junta - Ajantha Mendis

Style Bhai - Murali Karthik

Day Sixteen - Day Twenty Two

No new characters introduced

Day Twenty Three - The 'R' Letter Day

Jaddu - Ajay Jadeja

Day Twenty Four - Day Twenty Six

No new characters introduced

Day Twenty Seven - Reality Bites

Saala Slimeball - Lalit Modi

Big Sister - Shilpa Shetty

Little Sister - Shamita Shetty

Cool Dude - Matthew Hayden

Day Twenty Eight - Day Thirty Six

No new characters introduced. Besides Cheetah biscuits, which refers to Tiger biscuits.

Special thanks to Abhishek Paul for lending a helping eye in decoding some of the nicknames.


Bongpen said...

Naming Appam Prashant? How ridiculous is that?

Abhishek said...

Good collection of nicknames. Best one was Big Sister - Has a nice ring to it :).
And which ones did you not crack. You got all of them I think.

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Bongpen - More insipid than ridiculous frankly! From Ch***** Appam to Prasanth? Thhoo!

@Abhishek Paul - Thanks for the decoding help.

Saurish said...

Ah...lovely..names..should have named SRK as Candy Floss Khan...

Aniruddha Biswas said...

After reading your detailed review about MIHYAP,I had expectations of a review on similar lines.Though listing down the list of nicknames coined by FIP is interesting,but it does not say much about the book or its author.

Anonymous said...

review?! It was a review? :O

Yashbapu said...

I am halfway through the book. Found your blog while searching for buzz about the book online.

Just a correction.

Robin Ka Beta is not a reference to Robin Uthappa. Its For Tim Robinson who is Kevin Peterson. FIP referred to Peterson on his blog as Peter ka beta. In the book since the name is changed to Robinson, the Fake IBL Player uses Robin ka beta.

Its very interesting story though. I like the way author has built a story around his posts from the blog. It makes for an intriguing read. The Rocky-Swati romance track is interesting too.

Suhel Banerjee said...

@yashbabpu - Thanks for pointing the error. Have rectified it.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the list. I believe "Rocky" is Dhoni. But why is his character being portrayed part of Bangalore team. He is actually part of Chennai Team.

Suhel Banerjee said...

@anonymous - Yes, Rocky's character seemed much more like Dhoni's than Dravid's. But given that he was a sacked captain of the Bangalore team and his relationship with Mallya (Singhania) I put it as Rahul Dravid..

Parry said...

Amazing compilation :)

Interesting perspective on Rocky as Dravid...still feel it is MSD though...just an opinion

Couple of other observations:

GB - Greatbong (?) - wel i feel it is George Best i.e. Dwayne Bravo

Also, cool dude is M S Dhoni....the idea being he is captain cool

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Parry - Thanks! I know the opinion on Rocky will be divided, but as I said I think there are more pointers to him being RD, but the personality is sometimes very reminiscent of MSD. GB seemed like someone from the media, so not sure if that could be george best. And yes, cool dude is MSD for sure:)

pd said...

When I read the book, I thought Rocky was MSD with some variations in story. But now I think the character of Rocky is blend of MSD & RSD, being MSD in his mannerisms and RSD as per situation and way of handling issues.

Anonymous said...

You missed what I found the most hilarious :

Director /Close Friend = Karan Johar

Especially 'Director / Close Friend in his green tank top and pink shorts' :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Kishen Kanhaiya was Krish Srikanth..

satyavrat said...

by the way, was great reading this blog full of nicknames. It was quite an eye opener. Im reading the book and is damn interesting and engrossing, surprising too. just wanted to knw who is 'Nick' a.k.a. nikunj..the guy who was abducted by PMS and his lucky, binny n ppl?