Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Fresh Outlook At Restaurant Advertising

Most Indian newspapers nowadays are thicker than a Vikarm Seth novel, and on weekends two Seth novels put together. And it's not as if a lot has started happening off late which never did in the past, it's the ad money. Ads are here, there, everywhere. And then there are the local leaflets and pamphlets that are added to the tomes. Usually these pamphlets die a lonely, isolated, inconspicuous death in the store rooms or below the almirahs but there are always exceptions. This post is about one such.

You'll find the two sides of one such pamphlet which caught my attention as it slipped from the main paper as I was heading for the washroom. It's one of smartest pieces of newspaper advertisements I have ever come across. And though I am yet to visit the restaurant (Kitchen Inbox), I will recommend it for the sheer creativity. (click on the pictures for a larger size image)


It's just slightly ironic that these guys haven't put a website or email address to find them on the net:)


Tanmay Mukherjee said...

Innovative. But on weekend restaurant visit I would prefer not to be reminded of my Office mails.

Saurabh Adeeb said...

Interesting - they have a folder called Crazy Wives... WIVES?!? :-)