Thursday, February 09, 2012

Google Love

Yet another easter egg from the big G!

Type the following in the Google search bar

sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day, but found it cute nevertheless.

[Source: Mashable]


Piyush Chordia said...

Interesting fact. Google = Innovation with Execution

rajatmaths said...

This is an amazing feature in Google. I dont know how much people use it. But we who need graph plots now and then, it is amazingly quick and accurate. It plots equations of one variable at ease. I would love to see some higher dimensional plots.