Sunday, August 12, 2012

London Olympics 2012 - Medals Stats & Trivia

As the ceremonies were wrapping up in London earlier this afternoon I was busy finishing my thousand calorie Sunday brunch and then running some errands. An acute sense of guilt was building up for a while which I finally gave in to while checking my Twitter timeline and seeing plenty of Twitterers from India live tweeting the event almost into dawn. I took refuge in the final medal tally to come up with the following stats to overcome the guilt somewhat.

1. India with 6 medals topped the list of countries that didn't win any gold medals. Followed by Mongolia at 5. 

2. Algeria, Bahamas, Grenada, Uganda & Venezuela are the only countries that won just gold medals (1 each) 

3. Of the 204 nations, only 26 countries won 10 medals or more

4. Kazakhstan (54%), Hungary (47%), S Korea (46%), GB (45%) & USA (44%) won highest %age of medals in gold [min. criterion 10 medals]

5. Canada with only 1 out of 18 medals (5.5%) was last in terms of gold medals as a %age of all medals  (min. 10 total medals) 

6. England/GB (65), Germany (44), France (34), Italy (28), Brazil (17), Spain (17), Argentina (4), Uruguay (0) - World cup football (soccer) winners' performances in London 

7. Australia (35), West Indies (31), India (6), Pakistan (0), Sri Lanka (0) - World Cup cricket winners' performances in London 

8. Germany (44), Australia (35), Netherlands (20), India (6), Pakistan (0) - World cup hockey winners' performances in London

9. All the countries from 2008 top 10 list (gold) remain in 2012, with Hungary as the only new inclusion 

10. Jamaica & Tunisia are the only countries to win equal number of Gold, Silver & Bronze medals (4 & 1 each respectively) 


Anonymous said...

Google employees have a silly way of updating posts. the same is true of Kellogg graduates.


Daddy (aka Harvard grad)

3mik said...

India is growing as a sports nation (at least compared to pakistan,srilanka).If archers and boxers would have done well,we would have ended with atleast 10 medals.