Friday, October 02, 2015

Playing Quiz Up with Suhel

[This is a guest post by my good friend Abhishek Paul, who posted here a few times back in 2006

Well, I had written on this blog many years ago, and it actually feels nice to come back here and write, what I told Suhel would be a little "Roast" of him. Many readers of this blog would know Suhel through different ways. I got to know him during our time in college together, at St. Xavier's Kolkata. I will not be amiss in saying that he has always come across as a "stud",albeit a nerdy, geeky,  knowledgeable one. And given his legendary prowess as a Quizzer and a Quiz Master, a picture of his idol as a Quiz Master seems quite apt to describe my impression of him :)

We have stayed in touch over the years "leveraging" many distinct forms of social media to do so. And this year, with the World Cup as the reason, Suhel created a WhatsApp group of his friends that has now morphed to resemble something like this.
Ocean's, oops Suhel's Eleven
There are no prizes for guessing who's Danny Ocean here. Often the contents of this group make Danny & Rusty (MM) look at their screens like this !
What are they even saying !
A few days ago, Quiz Up, the now world famous quizzing app came into discussion and since then Mr. "Enthu Cutlet" Suhel started a quizzing tournament which has now become the sole focus of this group. I could not help myself from trying to visualise how Suhel looks - as he goes on conducting (& playing ) this quiz tournament with great elan.

(All gifs & stuff, below are from the movie, Starter for 10, starring among others - that other brilliant brainy stud - Benedict Cumberbatch as Suhel ).

So here's Suhel - all excited at the start of the quiz - introducing concepts and rulestumblr_no7otkWdL91u57c32o6_500.gif (500×281)

And now, with that done, Suhel kicks things off
tumblr_inline_moqeb6m1481qz4rgp.gif (500×281)

Quite frequently, peculiar situations come up, like a tie for example. Suhel, expertly makes convincing rules on the fly and then explains them those rules and regulations Like a Boss. (Or Like N Srinivasan if you may :D ) 

tumblr_mnslmg0bQQ1ss6e5ao3_500.gif (500×249)
[This is an aside, but some of us in the group have suggested, that Suhel might have got into trouble with the bad boys in school given his utter (though charming) "nerdy" bossiness. Well, if Suhel did gets into a fight - it would be like this ]

Coming back, as happens with a group of Indians, we rarely do things on time - in fact some of us are quite proud of taking our own, sweet time. And that leaves a bloodied and bruised Suhel - screaming and pleading at folks to get on with things - giving ultimatums - like this. 

tumblr_lpaq77NO2W1qd1s3ho1_500.gif (500×239)

We really don't know how these Quiz Wars will end, here's hoping SRK, I mean Sherlock, I mean Suhel keeps up his spirit and his enthusiasm for the things he loves. He gets people together like no else I know.

This ended up being more a Toast, than a Roast - but I think that's all right :).

Cheers !

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