Friday, January 01, 2010

Movies of 2009 & New Calibrated Ratings

Continuing from my last post where we looked at the best movies of 2009, I wanted to share my ratings on all the movies of 2009 which I watched in a theatre, and more importantly to announce a slight change in the ratings of movies going forward.

The 2009 is provided below. Would be interesting to know if you have very different ratings for any of the movies mentioned.

Being a bit statistically inclined, I have kept some notes of the movies that I have seen in theaters since 2007, and the summary would be as follows:

Year        Movies Seen      H:E              Top Rating (on 10)        Avg Rating

2007               32                 22:10                      9.0                                5.78
2008               30                 23:7                       8.5                                6.35
2009               24                 18:6                       9.0                                6.85

What I have found over the years is that I was tending to give a 7 rating for movies that I found average, which was not leaving much scope for fairly rewarding the truly exceptional movies as there was a space crunch between 7.5-9.0.

Going forward I will be recalibrating my existing 7.0 to 5.0, so you will notice a considerable drop in average ratings. However, this will help in highlighting the good, great and outstanding efforts. Or sifting the men from the boys to put it chauvinistically!

I will continue updating the ratings through Twitter and Facebook and will be looking forward to your comments and thoughts.

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year will many great movies to come that will keep us engrossed till 2011:)

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