Friday, January 08, 2010

Are You An Early Adopter?

In the world of internet, the term 'early adopters' refers to those people who start using any given technology product/service before most others. These people are considered quite influential because it's based on their promoting and coaxing that others join. It is also a commonly accepted trend that it's usually the same set of people who are the 'early adopters' for most new technology.

In order to verify the authenticity of the assumption I looked at the trends that various technology game changers like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc. followed and the claim seems to stand validated.

I can be called a moderately early adopter for most of these apps mentioned, except surprise surprise - Facebook! But of course given the fact that I work for an internet technology company it doesn't come as a big surprise that most of my colleagues and I fall in this category. What is interesting to see is the magnitude of traffic these adopters have been able to bring to various products.

I am showing the graphs of some of the popular apps below, and marking my entry with a red arrow on the timeline. You can see for yourself at which part of their growth did you join the bandwagon.







So, are you an early adopter? When you started using these services did you expect them to become what they have?

What are the not-so-known products of today that you are an early adopter of and you see potential for the future?


A.Joe said...

nice little research there bro

Suhel Banerjee said...

Thanks Ani:) So, were you an early adopter?