Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Biriyani Bhai Bhai

I am not a famous blogger by any stretch of the imagination, though I always imagine myself as one in the future. I have been maintaining this blog for close to 5 years now and with the exception of a rare post here and there my audience has been strictly restricted to my family and a close set of friends who receive an email as soon as a new post is up!

That is why this incident from last week came as a most pleasant surprise.

A month or so back I had written about Mughlai Treat, this briliant Biriyani place in Gurgaon. If you still haven't tried their Biriyani then you are just wasting precious time!

Anyway, last week I got a call from my Biriyani loving friend Anal Ghosh, who had gone to Mughlai Treat for his dose of weekly Biriyani. He was most surprised to find these (pictures below) at the counter.


Looks like the owner of the shop stumbled upon my blog post, liked it and took a printout and posted it (in very large size print!) over the main counter. I was left flattered and humbled. This was a post written with no commercial purpose in mind, but out of sheer admiration for the good quality of food and service. And through the ways of the internet it reached the concerned person and he found it relevant enough to place it back where it started from!

Here's a closer look at the print out

As you can see, they have a website and email address as well, so please visit and you can write to them at and I am still not being paid to write this!

The magic of the internet and it's way of bringing people closer continues to amaze me.

P.S: I have been told Anal leveraged his 'connections' with the writer to get one extra boiled potato with the Biriyani:)

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