Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Name Is Khan - An Unabashed Fan Post

It's been a little over a day since I came back from the theatre after watching Sir's latest offering - My Name Is Khan. Since then I have made several well meaning and failed attempts to review the movie. That's when I realised that the idol worshipping fan inside me won't let the wannabe movie critic come out till he has had his say. First heart, then head as Sir famously said in so many of his movies. Sir is very smart:) 

As we sat in the theatre and My Name Is Khan (shall be referred to as MNIK from here) unfolded itself to a full house of Day 1 Show 1ers I felt a sense of vindication, one of triumph, unalloyed joy. I could almost spring up from my PVR seat and send a blood curdling yell of victory, with quaking lips, you know like that 'Madan Chopra' cry? The feeling was not much different from touching the finishing line in a game of Kabaddi with all your adversaries pulling at your leg. Or just smashing the ball one last time into the net and silencing the critics like Kabir Khan?

Sir, you know I have been trying to talk like Rizwan since the day MNIK's teasers started to get aired?:) By now even my wife knows the lines "Mera naam Rizwan Khan hai, Khan. Ho sakta hai aap logo main thoda sa alag lagu, iska yeh matlab nahi ke mein pagal hoon. Main bahaut intelligent hoon...hhmm..hhmm...veryy smaart:)" by heart. Since y'day I am asking my wife to "Marry me!", and like Mandira she is also being quite agreeable to the idea:)

Sir, there are a lot of things for which I want to thank you, but most of all for providing sheer joy and happiness since I can remember. Every time your movie tastes success I get some added spring to my stride, things fall in place and I bask in reflected glory and success. It is rare to be as rich and famous as you are, but it is a rarer gift of the Almighty to have this quality of providing happiness to the lives of others whom you do not know, never will.

As for your detractors, I can't tell you the pleasure it gives me to look at them now with the smug smirk firmly on my face. 

The movie was brilliant, you were outstanding. Your name is Shahrukh Khan and you are God's gift to mankind. God bless you.

A Fan

P.S: Sorry Sir, I indulged in a little bad thing, a little piracy:( Last shot of MNIK. Long live SRK.

Original Image Courtesy: My Name Is Khan Facebook Fan Page


saurish said...

Ah..Mr Fanatic..the Only triumph..I see,is that Bal Thackrey has been put to place..oh..sorry,cut to size.

Unknown said...

Long Live the King...No SENA can stop this king to grow his kingdom...

R said...

You speak for all the SRK fans who for different reasons are not as vociferous as you are. I salute to you as much as I do to SRK :)

Ebrahim Kabir said...

One of the worst film of cinema history, sir.

Remove your blind fold.

maxdavinci said...

like prabhuji in DID, kya baat kya baat kya baat

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Saurish - That's just one of many, or the tip of the iceberg as they say.

@Ravi - Amen to that.

@R - I am honoured!

@Ebrahim Kabir - Let's agree to disagree.

@maxdavinci - Thanks. Awaiting your review.

Unknown said...

Hey My Childhood buddy Suhel...lets see if I can scribble in a small review for this Movie.....Great work and I agree that ur blogs are very always spend time reading, however not much time to here goes my 1st comment...;)

SRK is always the King.....

My Name Is Khan is a fascinating love story, has an angle of religion and a world-shaking incident as a backdrop. It’s a tear jerker with a message of love and hope. My Name Is Khan is a movie which delivers social statement without being biased.

Let me alert you. The story unfolds feverishly from the very start itself. So if you miss a scene or two, chances are you would’ve missed some vital links in the story. Although the narrative tends to get leisurely-paced at times, the wheels continue to move from one episode to another.

Protagonist Rizvan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) lives with his brother (Jimmy Shergill) and sister-in-law (Sonya Jehan) in San Francisco. Rizvan, who has Asperger’s syndrome, falls in love with Mandira (Kajol) and they get married. Everything was in place until September 11 attack on twin towers, but attitudes towards Muslims undergo a sea-change after the incident.

When tragedy strikes, Mandira is devastated and they split. Rizvan is confused and upset that the love of his life has left him. To win her back, he embarks on a touching and inspiring journey across America.

There’s just one word to illustrate Karan Johar’s direction – exemplary. His extraordinary successful attempt to make a film which knocks on your heart and stimulates your mind is awe-inspiring. With My Name Is Khan, Karan takes rapid strides as a storyteller. His take on the issue deserves the highest praise, since a subject like this is difficult to attempt.

And for Shah Rukh, the only compliment that I can think of is, SRK has a new screen-name now. Raj is passé, Rizvan it is. Until now, he’s likely to be called as an unique super-star, not an actor but with My Name is Khan he makes the transition from the eternal romantic hero to the intense luminary.

Kajol is pure dynamite and casting her for this character was the most appropriate decision. No other actress could’ve matched SRK in histrionics the way Kajol has. It’s a powerhouse performance from this supremely talented actress.

On the whole, it not only entertains, but also mesmerizes, enthralls and captivates the viewer in those 2.40 hours. At the same time, a film like My Name Is Khan is sure to have a far-reaching influence due to its noble theme.

Final word? My Name Is Khan is Karan, SRK and Kajol’s best movie till date. Do I need to say anything more? So rush to your nearest theater, you just can’t miss this one

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Somtirtha - What a comment! What a comment! You just ensured that I don't need to write that 'review' anymore:)

Great to find you hear, do keep visiting and we should have a lengthier conversation sometime soon!

Mblogger said...

Hi Suhel,

Great post. You motivated me to write my own tribute to SRK, with a different twist. I even mentioned your post in my blog.


Suhel Banerjee said...

@Mblogger - Thank you and am most flattered! Read your post and left my comments:)