Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Name Is Khan - An Unabashed Fan Post

It's been a little over a day since I came back from the theatre after watching Sir's latest offering - My Name Is Khan. Since then I have made several well meaning and failed attempts to review the movie. That's when I realised that the idol worshipping fan inside me won't let the wannabe movie critic come out till he has had his say. First heart, then head as Sir famously said in so many of his movies. Sir is very smart:) 

As we sat in the theatre and My Name Is Khan (shall be referred to as MNIK from here) unfolded itself to a full house of Day 1 Show 1ers I felt a sense of vindication, one of triumph, unalloyed joy. I could almost spring up from my PVR seat and send a blood curdling yell of victory, with quaking lips, you know like that 'Madan Chopra' cry? The feeling was not much different from touching the finishing line in a game of Kabaddi with all your adversaries pulling at your leg. Or just smashing the ball one last time into the net and silencing the critics like Kabir Khan?

Sir, you know I have been trying to talk like Rizwan since the day MNIK's teasers started to get aired?:) By now even my wife knows the lines "Mera naam Rizwan Khan hai, Khan. Ho sakta hai aap logo main thoda sa alag lagu, iska yeh matlab nahi ke mein pagal hoon. Main bahaut intelligent hoon...hhmm..hhmm...veryy smaart:)" by heart. Since y'day I am asking my wife to "Marry me!", and like Mandira she is also being quite agreeable to the idea:)

Sir, there are a lot of things for which I want to thank you, but most of all for providing sheer joy and happiness since I can remember. Every time your movie tastes success I get some added spring to my stride, things fall in place and I bask in reflected glory and success. It is rare to be as rich and famous as you are, but it is a rarer gift of the Almighty to have this quality of providing happiness to the lives of others whom you do not know, never will.

As for your detractors, I can't tell you the pleasure it gives me to look at them now with the smug smirk firmly on my face. 

The movie was brilliant, you were outstanding. Your name is Shahrukh Khan and you are God's gift to mankind. God bless you.

A Fan

P.S: Sorry Sir, I indulged in a little bad thing, a little piracy:( Last shot of MNIK. Long live SRK.

Original Image Courtesy: My Name Is Khan Facebook Fan Page

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