Saturday, August 29, 2009

10 Movie Reviews In 1400 characters

I intend to write a review after most movies I watch, but have ended up doing so for just 3 movies over the last one year. I would like to attribute the dismal intention:action ratio to two technologies - Facebook and Twitter. Usually I update a 140 character review no sooner than I finish watching a movie and that generates the ennui to do more justice to the review later. One of the resolutions I took this morning while in the 'I-must-do-something-fruitful' moods, is to review most movies going forward.

To make up for the lost ones I am jotting down the 140 character reviews with ratings of the movies I saw over the last year or so.

Pulp Fiction


Love Aaj Kal

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Angels & Demons

The Usual Suspects

The Prestige

Black Friday



I couldn't search my tweets beyond this (around 6 months from now), and that by itself was a pretty tough task. In case you want to search your previous tweets you can try the following steps.

1) Go to and enter you Twitter username and password.

2) Download the .csv which will give you all your tweets till around 6 months back.

3) Search for your tweets in the .csv file and check the date.

4) Go to and put a number after the =, this is the page number of your tweets. E.g will give you the 6th page (starting from the latest) of your tweets. After this you just need to narrow down the tweet by changing the page number depending upon the date of the tweets you see.

I know this is not close to the most elegant way of searching tweets, but that's the best option as of now to my knowledge. If you know of a more convenient method please do let me know.

UPDATE: Just found a much better way of archiving ALL your tweets and searching through them as well! Please follow the instructions here. You just need to use my favourite Google product - Google Reader.


maxdavinci said...

Same prob, too many movies, cant write a post each time.

Started doing 1-min reviews for them all.

you might wanna do something similar like a sidebar maybe

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Maxdavinci - Have been equally lazy ever since! Not a single review has been uploaded:(