Thursday, August 06, 2009

Who Am I?

Nowadays quizzing is all about hi-tech rounds and roundabout connections. So, I have decided to go retro and bring back the quintessential '90s round of 'Who Am I?' where the question has clues about the answer (usually a person) and the sooner you get the answer the more points you get. Simple? Okay, one more rule, you cannot click on the clues. Once you do the game is over. You start from 0 points and every clue you miss you get a negative 10 points.
Let's get going!
What's your score at the end of the quiz? His was 166.


maxdavinci said...

witty and a nice news round up..

I likey!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Nice way of byte consumption...Cheers

Sri said...

I thought each clue was a person! Anyway there was a lot about him I didnt know - mutton biriyani? rakhi? he's one helluva actor.

Unknown said...

you might want to anonymize the links using bitly or isgd. Even if I accidentally hover over them I get to see the answer!

Anil P said...

Most interesting :-)

Suhel Banerjee said...

@maxdavinci, anonymous, Anil - :)

@Boraxx - Will be less lazy next time!

@Sri - He is the biggest reality show in India.