Monday, March 22, 2010

The IPL Ka Jadoo Caption Challenge

This competition has now ended. You can find all the entries here.

This is going to be a user generated post. I present to you these pictures of Dr. Mallya, Shilpa Shetty, Shane Warne, Raj Kundra and Lalit Modi in various moods of revelry. You need to submit your entries  by suggesting captions for each/any of these pictures. The best caption for every picture will be selected and put up on the blog along with the winner's name and blog link. Competition closes at 8 PM (IST) on 23rd March, 2010.

Go ahead and send those captions in the form of comments on this post or email them to:
suhel dot banerjee at gmail dot com

"Your rack and my sack fit like ying yang" - Kapil Kant Kaul

"ok here's the final offer - $2B + yacht access & drinks on the house for 2 years.. ab bolo.. " Jitendra Kumar

"Warne to Kundra - You are my right arm - man and Shilpa is my leg-spinner :D" Abhishek Paul

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Special MentionArnab Ray (Greatbong), who commented on the post, but like Lata Mangeshkar in the Best Singer category, wasn't be considered as a nominee in the competition.


Asgar said...

Shane Warne: mai gale milte waqt bhi punch karsakta hun!

Abhishek said...

Pic 1: Mallya to Shilpa - Come to The "Big Brother" Baby !!!!

Pic 2: Mallya to Modi - Late Night-outs with you have been a "eye-opening experience ;)

Pic 3: Warne to Kundra - You are my right arm - man and Shilpa is my leg-spinner :D

Green with Pride said...

1 - That's as close as you can come with my fat beer belly!

2 - I just saw Warney flirting with Shilpa...and Priety! Tera patta kat gaya.

3 - (Warne thinking to himself) With all the money he's giving me...I could do this all night!

Deepak said...

Pic 1 - I am married now. He's standing right behind me. a little careful.

Pic 2 - If Bangalore doesn't win this time, I will buy you.

Pic 3 - Your balls is now in my court.

Naveen Venkataraman said...

Pic 1: The Axe Effect

Pic 2: Lalit, do you want to buy my team?

Pic 3: Before marriage, After divorce

Kapil Dev Rajak said...

3.L-Liters of Luck

Aniruddha Deka said...

pic 1: vijay mallya : 'Gimme some!'
pic 2: vijay to lalit :' say...who was that blonde u were conversing with that evening??'
pic 3 : a pic shane warne wouldn't rememer having posed for, the next morning and would also wonder who that guy on his right was.. ...

greatbong said...

1. Love
2. Sex
3. Dhoka

Kapil said...

1) Your rack and my sack fit like ying yang
2)Do I smell of Booze ?
3)Lucky bastard nailed big sister before I could..

Somtirtha said...

PIC 1: Mallya to Shilpa: There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.

PIC 2: Mallya whispering to lalit: Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

PIC 3: Unfolded Warne: The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.

Jitendra Kumar said...

1. Aa gale lagja.. Mera paunch upar upar tak hain..
2. ok here's the final offer - $2B + yacht access & drinks on the house for 2 years.. ab bolo..
3. Royals coz we need the crowns to cover our receding hairline..

Asit Madeka said...

i)"If you can't beat 'em..join 'em" Shilpa shetty.
ii)To an awe struck Lalit modi.."The teams have finished's the the team bosses turn to play"..Vijay Mallaya
iii) "This is the way we are going to hold our opponents"..Shane Warne.

Unknown said...

pic 3 :chaddi buddies

juhi munjal said...

Pic 1-Vijay to Shilpa - " Baby!How about a Merger of our,err I meant,'our teams', since we've got the 'Royal(s)' common in our team names.We'll be IPL's official 'Big Brother' then!

Pic 2- Vijay to lalit - "Oye Lallu! Shilpa wants to lead the cheerleading Squad for IPL and is asking for separate remuneration for that!!Do u have enough booty to go with her booty????

Pic 2 - Shane thinking to himself " If the RCB-RR merger happens, my liquor quota will be taken care of! I'm at convincing Kundra!!"