Friday, June 18, 2010

Japan Diaries - Videos & Photos

My absence from the blog for the past few weeks can be explained by this post. I was fortunate to visit Japan for a business trip and with a weekend coming in between could utilise the same for a bit of sight seeing. Without a doubt Japan is a most unique, fascinating and beautiful country. Pretty expensive too. Will jot down my observations in a latter post, this one is just to share the pictures and videos from the trip. Would love to hear your thoughts about these.

The photo to the left is that of Mount Fuji, taken from our flight back to Delhi from Tokyo. All the photos from the trip are available here.

And now for the videos, you can watch them right here.

Auction At Tsukiji Fish Market

Shibuya Crossing From The 19th Floor

Having Rice WIth Chopsticks

Cooking & Eating Sashimi Near Mount Fuji

From Inside A Bullet Train

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