Thursday, March 31, 2011

The #indvspak Post

It's been less than 24 hours since we beat Pakistan in the 2011 WC semi final to proceed to the final against Sri Lanka. Whether this was the biggest match in history, as proclaimed by some commentators will be decided by history, but no two ways about the fact that it was a big, BIG match. Given that most of you will be in a very forgiving mood, I plan to use the cheap trick of not coming up with any 'original' content for this post but rehash some of my tweets from yesterday. Also, a big thank you to everyone for the mentions and RTs. Cricket was so much less exciting without Twitter.

All tweets are in chronological order, starting with Wednesday (30-Mar-2011) morning. And for the record I am a Sri Lanka fan and facing the biggest dilemma of my life for the final. 

[Photo credit: Cricinfo]

Ahhh...yet another Wednesday. Those neither here nor there boring, meaningless middle of the week feeling. Oh. Wait...Wed Mar 30 02:06:01 via Twitter for Android

A billion and a half. RT @Gunjan47: Don't be disheartened - billion people can wish all the clouds away #MohaliWed Mar 30 04:06:51 via Twitter for Android

Ah sheesh! RT @sidvee: Haha RT @nayakgirin: RT @_logik: Sehwag is taking the game out of Nehra's reach. YoWed Mar 30 09:24:31 via Twitter for Android

On a serious note, will she shed her clothes if we win the cup or this match? And will it be televised? Youtube links?Wed Mar 30 09:54:24 via Twitter for Android

RT @sidvee: Fixed the DRS. Fixed the third umpire. Fixed Misbah-ul-Haq. Well done BCCI. We rule cricketWed Mar 30 10:11:57 via Twitter for Android

Being anal here but the Egyptians did believe that RT @thetanmay: Sachin is God. Sachin has 9 lives. Therefore, God = Cat. #RaviShastriMathsWed Mar 30 10:17:46 via Twitter for Android

I think we are seeing the effects of a billion plus prayers. Can't be explained any other way.Wed Mar 30 10:34:58 via Twitter for Android

As much as Sachin is trying to be polite and refuse favors. RT @sidvee: Pakistan want to win this for SachinWed Mar 30 10:37:17 via Twitter for Android

If this indeed is the 100th 100 then for the rest of his life Sachin will be very embarrassed with the billion replays of this innings.Wed Mar 30 11:14:54 via Twitter for Android

More importantly is he supporting the country of his birth or work? RT @jhunjhunwala: Is Ajmal Kasab watching this match from Jail?Wed Mar 30 11:26:11 via Twitter for Android

"Ab players ki nahi, prayers ki zaroorat hai". The legendary dialogue improvised upon by @VSJabberwockyWed Mar 30 11:53:02 via Twitter for Android

Indian team sacrificing 'just a match' to protect Indian culture and a woman's modesty. Blame Poonam Pandey.Wed Mar 30 12:16:17 via web

Raina, bhagwan tujhe bahaut Umar de.Wed Mar 30 12:24:08 via web

No. The Sachin innings was the biggest ad for prayers RT @madmanweb If we lose this, can we say with conviction that prayer doesn't work?Wed Mar 30 13:03:09 via Twitter for Android

Following a few Pakistanis is giving my timeline a beautiful balance. One that our bowling line up currently seems to be missing.Wed Mar 30 14:06:16 via Chromed Bird

All you salivating at the mention of Poonam Pandey, remember her promise to do 'it' is after India wins the WC not this match. 1 more to go.Wed Mar 30 16:51:49 via web

Will Gary Kirtsen become the first South African to reach the World Cup final? We had taken a Kiwi 8 years back as well.Wed Mar 30 17:02:35 via web

It's We versus Us on Saturday. Mumbai, here we come!Wed Mar 30 17:14:51 via web

Rip Van Winkle beat Peter Pan. RT @diptakirti: Afridi, great job done. But the original 18-year old had to win today. Sorry.Wed Mar 30 17:23:46 via Chromed Bird

Cricket & I will be the winner on Saturday. We have won the World Cup:-)Wed Mar 30 18:03:13 via Twitter for Android

Now that Sachin has scored 85 in his last 5 innings the law of averages is on his side for the 100th 100 in the final.Thu Mar 31 03:52:28 via Twitter for Android

How I wish this final was a real war and not just a game. Would have been so much easier to support India, no questions asked.Thu Mar 31 04:30:52 via Twitter for Android

2 teams with a fairytale first world cup final. 2 teams humiliated by Australia in their second world cup final. 2 teams ready for their 3rdThu Mar 31 08:48:44 via Twitter for Android

Really heartening to see the number of Indians who felt Wahab should have been the MoM last night instead of the man himself. Well played.Thu Mar 31 10:02:35 via web

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