Monday, May 02, 2011

From A Tuesday Evening To A Monday Morning

That September Tuesday evening I was in Durgapur, at my aunt's place, preparing for my 11th Standard 1st term Maths exam the next day. Had just come back from an 'adda' session with friends and customarily checked the TV once before starting to revise the chapter on Permutations & Combinations. And no, I am not making that up. What I saw on the television that evening has perhaps been shown more than any other footage in the history of televised media. Never got around to revising anything that evening. Don't remember how the exam went. Didn't feel like it mattered much that day. Here's what the US president had to say soon after the heinous attacks.

This morning, a Monday, I was at home in Gurgaon. Had just got up from sleep and was going through my Twitter timeline. Squinting at it, more like it. That's when I saw some tweets mentioning the death of Osama Bin Laden, the orchestrator of the crime theatre of that Tuesday, almost a decade back. Reports, mostly unconfirmed, were flying thick and fast, and there was some talk of President Obama making an official announcement very soon. Switched on the television and in 30 minutes or so got to see this.

Maybe today it is a lot more symbolic than what it would have been 9 years back, but still the circle is complete. the enemy has been hounded. It's a good feeling.

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