Saturday, April 03, 2010


A few days back I put up the following question on Twitter "Curious, has Sachin ever been booed at any stadium in India or abroad?" To which I received some responses about this incident at the Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai) in March 2006, during a test match against England, when Sachin was booed by his home crowd. This was a very casual question that I had asked, but the response got me thinking. Sachin to the Wankhede crowd is somewhat similar to what Sir is to me. As I have repeated so many times in the past, Sir will always remain one my biggest sources of inspiration. But, at the same time he is an actor and I am a movie lover. So, there must have been instances of his movies not leaving me enthralled or entertained. That's when and why I drew up this list of 10 of Sir's movies which I didn't quite enjoy. Of course, a purely personal list. In alphabetical order.

Chaahat (1996)


Koyla (1997)

Trimurti (1995)

Image sources: Wikipedia, Bollywood Hungama, Chakpak & Bollywoodmoviemax
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