Saturday, April 03, 2010


A few days back I put up the following question on Twitter "Curious, has Sachin ever been booed at any stadium in India or abroad?" To which I received some responses about this incident at the Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai) in March 2006, during a test match against England, when Sachin was booed by his home crowd. This was a very casual question that I had asked, but the response got me thinking. Sachin to the Wankhede crowd is somewhat similar to what Sir is to me. As I have repeated so many times in the past, Sir will always remain one my biggest sources of inspiration. But, at the same time he is an actor and I am a movie lover. So, there must have been instances of his movies not leaving me enthralled or entertained. That's when and why I drew up this list of 10 of Sir's movies which I didn't quite enjoy. Of course, a purely personal list. In alphabetical order.

Chaahat (1996)


Koyla (1997)

Trimurti (1995)

Image sources: Wikipedia, Bollywood Hungama, Chakpak & Bollywoodmoviemax


greatbong said...

By Brahma, I actually loved "Koyla". Totally over-the-top but brilliant execution of the masala genre.

Aniruddha Biswas said...

Why is no explanation offered for disliking the above mentioned movies ;)

debanjan said...

qt list differs from u a lot...u know Mr Banerjee that we belong to the same clan but..reasons for ur reservations about 1)Karan Arjun 2)Koyla 3)Main hoon na is qt confusing to me
Rather my list wud go this way
3)Zamana Deewana
4)Oh darling....
5)Hum Tumhare hain sanam

well i dont think any other was that bad...

wud really like to kno the best of him list wud go this way

1)Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na(the best....)
3)Dil Se
5)Chak de
7)Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
8)Yes Boss
10)Hey Ram!

enolaton said...

so..... u enjoyed gems like 'ram jaane', 'english babu desi mem','zamana deewana','army'(cameo,'1 2 ka 4' more than the movies on this list? just a thought...... but would be very happy if i got an answer.... :)

Suhel Banerjee said...

@greatbong - Koyla came when I was around 13, and it managed to breach the aesthetic senses of a newly turned teenager. All I came away with was that some semi-pretty women would take off their clothes in front of an old and evil Amrish Puri. Became a fan of Mr. Puri, but that's about it.

@Aniruddha - The criteria for all of these was the same and quite simple - did I enjoy watching these movies? Yes or No? So, not much more to add.

@Debanjanda - Respect your opinions, and of course there can be differences in the same clan! A post coming up on Sir's bests:)

@Abhishu - Sorry for not making it clear earlier, but this list considered only those movies where Sir had at least a 'major' role, so most guest/special appearances were not in the race. And yes, of the rest you mentioned, I liked them more than these 10. I went through his Filmography on IMDB to ensure I wasn't missing anything.

Aditi said...

That's a pretty good list Suhel except that there are some really bad ones that should have made it, before the likes of Main Hoon Na and Mohabattein. These were the not so nice, but definitely not the worst category. It felt great to see KANK there, most people disagree, but I found it very bad. Waiting to see the top 10, hope Chak De is somewhere in the top spots :)

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Aditi - Again, as I said, a pure personal choice based on how much I 'enjoyed' a movie, not surprised that there are differences with other fans of Sir. CDI is a sureshot in the top 10 favourites, already on the list:)

Tanmay Mukherjee said...

Add Raam Jaane to the above list and replace Main Hoon Naa with Om Shanti Om and thats pretty much my list.

Suhel Banerjee said...

@Tanmay - Interesting to see the varying opinions coming out. Om Shanti Om in fact will make my top 10 favourites:)

Ajit Viswanath said...

Rather than going into specifics, what i would say for his movies in this century is that he had specific motives for doing the movies he did and he achieved exactly that......So while he did OSO and Main Hoon Na for the masses, he did CDI and Swades for satisfying the artistic hunger in him....

Veni Mahindra said...

I will definitely remove Karan Arjun and KANK and probably add Billu and Raam Jaane.

Aniruddha Deka said...

my list...( in any order)
1.rab ne bana di jodi
2.main hoon na
4. asoka
5. baadshah
6. dil toh paagal hai
7. phir bhi dil hai hindustani
8. devdas
9. koyla
10. karan arjun

PS : haven't watched KANK , MNIK ,CHAAHAT,KING UNCLE cannot really comment...

rajatmaths said...

As you know there are very rare occasions I liked SRK and his movies. But I can tell you some I liked..
1)Kabhi haan kabhi na( the best)
4)chak de
5)hey ram

that's it I suppose...others can be added to "dislike" list.

p.s. you can add this post to hostelmasti and ask for a vote. It would interesting to see the response.

annucool15 said...

he he... i just figured out i've watched all of these movies! of course trimurti was long back perhaps during my early college years when it was telecast on doordarshan.

btw nice blog suhel... m gonna follow it from now regularly!

Suhel Banerjee said...

@veni, aniruddh, - Different people, different opinions:)

@rajatsubhra - sent email!

@Anuradha - Thanks for the compliment and follow:) And we are in the same boat of having watched all of these at some time in the past!

Jon said...

For me SRK is one of the worst actors in Bollywood... But he is quite good at marketing himself...

Anyways i have to respect ur choices

Sorcerer said...

Thats some cool movies.

Ree said...

of the five men that matter to me the most, SRK is one so i am forced to comment goodness, i have seen koyla 7 times and can still see it every weekend. same for main hoon na. and karan arjun. and u didnt like trimurti?!? Josh?!? Oh gawd Suhel....u just went down my 'SRK fans' list. :P all in jest, nuthin personal :D

Ree said...

and sirjee, i forgot to tell u some really non impressive ones...Ram Jaane...Dil Ashna Hai, King Uncle, did you forget those?

Suhel Banerjee said...

@The Wandering Minstrel - You're in for a shock when I publish my list of favourites!