Saturday, April 08, 2006

Credit Cards

Those small, little. hard plastic cards are the diciest invention of man after nuclear energy. The effects, both positive and negative, are so immense that it has led to saving of lives and break-up of marriages and more. If I am to take a stand I will force myself to see the larger picture and shout out ‘aye’ along with the others when the poll is taken for its existence, but I will also shout out a rejoinder ‘handle with care’.

I am not a MCP, or a MCH for that matter (H=Horse) but from my unlimited interactions with women of all ages, types and forms are ‘in general’ happiest shopping. And I have seen interacted with women with IQ which puts mine to shame and EQ which is too high to even put mine to shame, and all of them have shopped in ways which have made me feel ashamed to be standing beside them while they swipe their credit cards at the counter. I heart has bled for all those husbands who send up silent prayers before handing over their credit cards to their wives just before the wives go shopping. I have even read in newspapers that some of these husbands, especially those whose prayers were not answered, cited misuse of credit cards as the primary reason asking for a divorce. I am sure they do their alimony versus future credit card spending options calculations before deciding to call the divorce lawyers.

Men are better but just marginally, I think many of us are closet ‘shopoholics’ (MS Word please allow these witty and unoriginal word variations, please). We will never openly admit how we love to shop, and neither is it a common thin among us to spend hours showing our friends the perfumes we have stocked for the year 2010. But let some of them lose in a pub with a credit card, or others like me at some restaurant with other similar ‘foodoholics’ (MS Word, that was not just witty but original, please let it pass). Yeah so coming back to those men on the prowl, by the time they leave the pub, which is surely after the place has closed down. The credit card would be swiped sore and next day when these people will pay their bills online, they will use the choicest curse words to describe the banking technology and how it has been installed just to fleece men who are just ‘slightly high’ on food and drinks, like us. Although I haven’t read about such cases, but in case these men use their wives credit cards for such purposes a little too often, then they should be ready to welcome the divorce lawyer with the wives signatures already on the paper.

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