Saturday, April 08, 2006

An Unsatisfactory Relationship

At the age of fourteen one is not mature enough to enter relationships. Neither was I. But even before I knew I was in one and except for the first few days I could start to feel something amiss. Since it wasn’t my first I was a little cocky and had this supreme confidence that I had enough experience to over come all hurdles. If I had listened to a little more Western music during those days I would probably have listened to just one track all the time, ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive’.

Things started going sour after the first month or so. Commitment was just another of the few ten letter words that I knew at that time. I never gave a third of the time I promised to the relationship. I must have been too naïve not to have expected any repercussions. Within a quarter of a year it became so bad that my parents got to know about it too, and being the personification of honesty that they are, they bluntly told me it was all my fault and if I did not do something about it they will not be there to help me out. It was my problem and I had to solve it.

Looking back I think I did not give anywhere near my hundred percent to the relationship. Even thinking about it became a torture, I just wanted to close my eyes to the fact that I was in this situation. Somehow we continued for three years, with our fair share of fights. Finally we called it quits, and ironically enough the parting was the sweetest thing that happened in the whole relationship. I didn’t believe that I could actually get those high marks in my chemistry board exams, the last time I ever took a chemistry exam.

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