Saturday, April 08, 2006


First thoughts on reading the topic of this essay on ‘Time’ were as follows:

“Aha, this could be a clever allusion to that classy American magazine. Nah, more probably I should take off on a tangent and talk about Arthur Clarke and his famous time machine. No way, am I mad, this is a clear cut indication to write an essay about our good old time (shouldn’t it be good new time?) and eulogize about how important it is to be on time and sometime even to leave on time. Not to overstay one’s welcome as they say. C’mon that would have been okay had I still been pondering over the essay topic while playing book cricket with my friend in my second last bench in the seventh standard class. Now I must write about how well John Lennon spoke about time and how it is changing , oops sorry he actually spoke about times and how they are changing. Whatever be it, I have spent enough time pondering over the start lets see what comes of it without thinking any further.”

Time and tide waits for none is a proverb which is repeated too often, though its lost its relevance to a certain extent in today’s context since we do not rely so much for the tide to take us to those far far away lands. A stitch in time saves nine is perhaps a little more relevant, but then with so much of dispensable income by the time we realize that a particular piece of clothing requires a stitch, we would have bought a whole new wardrobe. Time is the greatest healer is one line you can be sure to come across while dealing with a friend’s (or maybe your own) break-up. And the person concerned will come up with something as deep and original as “easier said than done” and reach out for the next tissue you offer.

Time and again I come across these idioms, (or phrases are they?) but right now when they would be so timely, they are conveniently absconding themselves. I will carry on with it when I have a little more time on my hand. I had a whale of a time writing these lines. Only time will tell whether I could have better use of this time.

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